Sturt Sabres Basketball Club


Our Vision

Basketball Excellence - Leading Australia

Our Mission

Through the continuous development and support of our Sturt community and business

Club Values

  • Pride
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Commitment

Strategic Priorities

  • Facilities
  • Governance and Business
  • High Performance
  • Marketing
  • Participation Growth

3 Year Outcomes

  • A secure home facility and overall increased number of courts and supporting entities controlled by Sturt
  • Best practice, contemporary administration and governance arrangements in place
  • Broadened income base and strengthened financial position
  • Increased success of Sturt teams, players and coaches within our state, nationally and on the international stage
  • Strong relationships and strategic alignment with our customers, partners and stakeholders
  • Increased number of teams and players in Sturt controlled competitions


1.1 Increase the number of courts controlled by Sturt for competition and practice
1.2 Better utilise the facilities that Sturt currently uses
1.3 Increase the commercial space controlled by Sturt

2.1 Facilitate the effective, efficient and transparent flow of information across the Sturt basketball community
2.2 Develop and implement best practice business administation processes
2.3 Increase the financial stability, sustainability and transparency
2.4 Upskill all members in management and administration positions

3.1 Increase the success of Sturt players and coaches locally, nationally and internationally
3.2 Increase the success of Sturt teams locally and nationally

4.1 Support the growth of Sturt controlled competitions
4.2 Promote Sturt as a premium brand to our customers, partners and stakeholders
4.3 Build mutually beneficial partnerships with sponsors to evolve stronger relationships
4.4 Strengthen Sturt’s volunteer base

5.1 Diversify and grow competitions administered by Sturt
5.2 Increase the efficiency of administration of Sturt controlled competitions
5.3 Build capacity for growth of Sturt controlled competitions

Junior Player Policy

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the club at all times.
Players must wear the correct uniform to and at all games.
To play, a player must have paid subscriptions by the due date.
Except for Under 10, Division 1 players have no guaranteed court time. In all other grades, players should receive approximately equal court time over the whole season, provided they abide by the rules set down for:

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Behaviour and appearance
  • Attitude towards their team, team mates, coaches and referees

Once selected to play for the Sturt Club, players playing continuous seasons with Sturt will be guaranteed a position within a Sturt Team.
Positions may be in a team playing in either the District competition, the Domestic competition or both.
Players not selected in a Sturt team may train with a team only with the consent of the Director of Basketball.

Junior Player Expectations

You must arrive at the venue, at least 15 minutes before trainings and 30 minutes before games in the appropriate uniform to prepare.
At some training venues, particularly schools, it may not be appropriate to arrive more than 15 minutes before. Please look at notices posted at these venues for more details.
You must treat training venues with utmost respect and leave them clean and tidy. Report any damage immediately to your coach. Any damage that you cause either inadvertently or by misbehaviour will be billed to you, and may result in further disciplinary action if it is the result of misbehaviour.
If you cannot attend training (or will be late), you (not your parents) must inform the coach directly (not through someone else) BEFORE the session commences.
You must wear the reversible training singlet and bring a white T-shirt, basketball and water bottle to each training.
Under 16 and Under 18 players are expected to maintain satisfactory scholastic results. It is not appropriate to miss a training to study unless you have an examination the next day. If you need help with time management, consult your coach or the Director of Basketball.
You must attend training or games unless you are receiving professional treatment. You should not attend training or games if you are sick.
You must inform the coach or instructor of any injuries that may hinder or prevent you during training or games. This is especially important for Athletic Development sessions.
You must follow the instructions of the coach or instructor at trainings. This is especially important at Athletic Development sessions for your own safety.
You will not argue or remonstrate with referees in any way during a game. You will be immediately substituted from the game if you do so. If you have a problem, tell your coach. The coach may then bring this to the attention of the referees.
You will support your team at all times, whether you are on the court or on the bench, both verbally and with correct body language.
You must complete cool down routines, debrief and complete any administrative tasks before leaving the training or game venue.

To the Players

Welcome to the Sturt Basketball Club for another year. We hope that you will have a positive and worthwhile experience for the next 12 months and beyond.

Basketball is important, but keep a balance in your life. Be the best student you can be, be the best person you can be and be the best player you can be.

When playing or training, we want you to be play hard, play smart and play fair. Respect your opponents by competing at all times. When it is easy do not belittle them, when it is hard keep trying.

You play for Sturt first, your team second and lastly for yourself. You must be willing to make personal sacrifices for the good of your team and club.

You should be proud to be a part of one of Australia's most successful sporting clubs, but no one is bigger than the club.

It is vital you communicate with others. If you have issues work them out with your team-mates. If you cannot resolve them talk to your coach. If they still have not been resolved talk to the Age Group Coordinator, then the Director of Basketball if the problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction.

To the Coaches

Yours is the most important job in the club.

Be a positive role model for your players. Your players' actions will mirror the leadership you provide. The expectations for players are also the expectations for you (and more).

Create a positive and enjoyable learning environment where players constantly improve.

Be firm but fair when dealing with players. Player actions which are contrary to the interests of others, the team or the club are not be tolerated.

Enjoy the experience. It is most rewarding to be able to work closely with a committed group or player, parents and supporters.

The club thanks you for the sacrifices you make.

To the Parents and Supporters

We are privileged to be able to work with your son or daughter for the next 12 months and hopefully beyond.

We know and appreciate the enormous personal sacrifices you make, so that your son or daughter can be involved in a worthwhile pursuit. Our success would not be possible without your support.

Sturt has amongst the finest junior coaches in Australia. The time, personal and financial sacrifices they make is balanced by the rewards of success, personal friendship and the opportunity to work with some of the finest young people.

Please be supportive of them. They have to make many decisions every day concerning the welfare of the club, the team and the individual players, and it is not easy. Effective communication is the key between yourself and the coaches.

If you have positive feedback, please provide this at any time. If you have an issue that need to be resolved, please follow the appropriate process:

Wait a night and then talk to the coach. 95% of problems are resolved here. Coaches are instructed not to deal with negative feedback following a game.
If after talking to the coach, and the issue has not been resolved talk to the Age Group Coordinator, who is normally the Division 1 Coach.
If there is still and issue, contact the Director of Basketball.
Finally, if there is still a problem contact the President who represents the Management Committee.

Please follow the above process. Coaching and club management will not deal with issues that have not followed proper procedure. This ensures that everyone communicates and deals with each other openly, honestly and with integrity (a core value of the Sturt Basketball Club).

During games or trainings, please support the whole team, not just your son or daughter individually. Coaching from the sidelines, no matter how little or great your knowledge is not appropriate. The coach is the sole source of technical feedback.

By all means, be passionate and vocal. Give encouragement to the Sturt team, and praise good play by our opponents. Refrain from negative feedback towards referees, without them we have no game.

Finally, the club and its management and coaches make many decisions daily for the benefit of the interests of the Sturt Basketball Club first and foremost. Most of the time, these have only positive consequences. Some of the time, they have short-term negative impact on individuals. Accept both equally, and educate your child on how to handle success as well as how to negotiate hurdles they encounter.

Their ability to cope with both success and failure is the most important lesson we can teach them. It will prepare them to become great citizens, which is our ultimate goal and the mission of the Sturt Basketball Club.


State Championships - May

It is compulsory for Under 12 to Under 18 Division 1 and 2 players to make themselves available for the State Championships. The Champion Club of SA is the club's most prized junior award, and this is decided based upon results of this weekend.

National Junior Classics – June

It is compulsory for Under 12 to Under 18 Division 1 players make themselves available for the National Junior Classics on the June long week-end. This is the most prestigious club-based championship in Australia, and Sturt has a proud history of success in this event.

Other Tournaments

It is highly recommended for all teams to be involved in other tournaments throughout the year. The Eltham-Dandenong tournament in January is very popular and there are many other choices. It is a great chance to compete against interstate teams, have fun and enjoy the company of the other players, parents, coaches and supporters.

There are other carnivals in Adelaide and regional South Australia which may interest teams. Provided they do not make it difficult for players to participate in the highly recommended or compulsory carnivals, teams may enter if they wish. Please contact the Tournaments Coordinator for more information.

Court Time - Division 2 and Below

It is our policy that for Divisions 2 and below there will be equal court time over the course of the entire regular season.

However, when Division teams and below are participating in local or interstate carnivals, the coach will endeavour to play all players equally over the course of the round games. If the team makes the finals, then there is no guarantee of equal court time during the finals games.

The exception to these rules will be in State Championships and Summer and Winter finals. A player's court time will be at the discretion of the coach during all State Championship games and Summer and Winter finals.

Team Manager

Each team requires a team manager, whose role is to liaise with the team, coach, parents and management. The team manager's role is to provide direct administrative support to the team and to ensure that the club's expectations for the team are followed.

Team Managers must attend regular meetings to distribute information to the team. Team Managers must also organize parents to fulfil bench duties and ensure players drinks and belongings are safe during the game. A Team Manager's manual is available from the Team Managers Coordinator.

Domestic Competition

The Domestic Competition is an initiative of the Sturt Basketball Club. The focus of the competition is to provide a basketball competition which provides competition and player development, without the high cost and travel demands currently endured by players who are looking to progress to higher levels in the sport.

The games are currently played on Saturday afternoons at Springbank Sports Centre. The Saturday game program is designed to minimize conflicts with children participating in other sports.

All teams or players are welcome to join the Domestic competition. If you would like more information, contact our Domestic Coordinator during office hours.


The club is financially dependent on subscriptions for income and a full list of fees are available by contacting the Treasurer.

Subscriptions are payable at the beginning of each season. Players un-financial after the advised due date will not be permitted to play. Provision can be made for paying by instalments by contacting Treasurer.

Blues News

The Club newsletter is available electronically on the Sturt website and distributed by email.


All junior players are required to wear the reversible training singlet (with their number attached) to all practices. Players must also bring a white T-shirt, water bottle and appropriately sized basketball.

Players are required at least 15 minutes before the start of practices to complete warm up routines. At the completion of training, players should complete cool down routines, debriefing and any administrative duties.

Playing Uniforms

All junior players are required to wear the correct uniform at all games.

Playing shorts, numbered singlet, reversible training top, Sturt socks (either white or light blue) and the Sturt warm up top (dark blue long sleeved T-shirt) are compulsory.

For games in hot weather, players may also warm up in the dark blue short sleeved T-shirt. For games in cold weather players may warm up in the Sturt hoodie or official Sturt track suit top. If tracksuit pants are to be worn then it can only be the official Sturt track suit pant (or plain dark blue or navy blue track pants provided there is no other branding or marking, until the official Sturt track suit is available). For example, no SA track pants or pants with large logos will be allowed.

Other optional Sturt merchandise may be worn to games as well but players will only be permitted to warm up and play in the above items of clothing. Street clothes may not be worn to or at games.

All players are allocated a playing number and this cannot be altered. Singlet numbers can be obtained from Sturt Office when ordering of the uniform. 

Please note that you cannot choose your own number, it must be assigned to you by Sturt. You may have to change your uniform at a later date if you do not use an assigned number.

Players can purchase their uniform online on the Sturt web site. Sizing charts are available in the online store. If players wish to try on playing and training singlets and shorts, they may do so at the Sturt Office during office hours.