Sturt Sabres Basketball Club

FAQs - Sturt Junior Domestic League

How do I join?

Easy, just go to the Sturt Sabres web site, click Domestic > Domestic Intent to Play.

From there just fill in your details and pay a $20.76 affiliation fee to register with Basketball South Australia and Basketball Australia. To complete the registration form, the affiliation fee and administrative fees would need to be paid in full. (For further clarification on fees see FAQ further below)

What is the difference between Domestic and District basketball?

The Sturt Sabres Domestic League is a low cost, local, entry level alternative to District basketball. You can start with the Domestic League at any stage of the season and there is more flexibility in terms of standard and commitment.

How do the seasons work?

The Sturt Sabres Domestic League runs all year round, and follows the school terms. Our Summer Season runs for Term 4 and Term 1, while our Winter Season runs for Terms 2 and 3.

How much does it cost?

Registration requires a $20.76 affiliation fee to register with Basketball South Australia and Basketball Australia. To complete the registration form, the affiliation fee and administrative fees would need to be paid in full - Season totals below are not inclusive of the $20.76 affiliation payment, and outline the fees structure for the summer season.

1) Upfront administrative fee - $100 per player 


2) Per game team fee - $40 per team where a coach is supplied 


3) Per game team fee - $50 per team where Sturt supply a coach 




What skill level or experience does my child need?

Players of any skill level and experience are welcome

Who do we play against?

We create teams based on interested players that play against each other, along with other teams that are entered into the competitions from other groups (football, netball, school, church etc.)

How are new players placed in teams?

New players will be placed in teams whose numbers can facilitate a new player, or based on pre-existing friendships

When are games played?

All games are played on Saturday afternoons starting at 11:50am. Games are played in 50 minute allotments. Younger age groups are earlier and older age groups are later, but times are very similar every week.

Where are games played?

All games are played at Springbank Sports Centre and Unley High School. In seasons where we have had large team numbers or in cases where a stadium may be unavaliable, we have used stadiums such as Immanuel College, Marion Leisure Centre and Walford Gymnasium.

Can my child train?

Training sessions are available to all Sturt Domestic League players, whether or not they play games on the Saturdays.

When are trainings?

Our Sturt Domestic trainings are currently ran on Friday afternoons in each term. Note: Our Sturt Domestic trainings are an optional training service, and players do not train within their teams. To attend trainings players must be registered for the term - to register for Term 4 trainings follow link below: 


Domestic training will then officially start on the 30th of October open to all details as below

Term 4 Training

All Girls: 4pm to 5pm

U8 – U10 Boys: 4:50pm to 5:45pm

Boys U12 – U16 & Girls U14/U16: 4:50pm to 5:45pm


Players must bring own basketball and drink bottle to training sessions.

Are trainings compulsory?

Trainings are not compulsory. Note: We offer our trainings to all players as they do not train within their teams but rather these training sessions are more skills based.

Who coaches the teams?

Some teams provide their own coach. For others, Sturt supplies the coaches, usually the younger members of our Premier League or Senior, Youth League or older junior District players. The coaches are high quality and ensure the players are learning in a fun, enjoyable, safe atmosphere.

Can entire new teams enter?

Yes they can! We would encourage teams to form conglomerates or clubs and there are incentives, both financial and otherwise for doing so. Also, we welcome other sporting clubs (, netball) or community groups (e.g.schools, churches) entering one or more teams in our competitions, especially in their off-season. If you are looking to enter an entire team please get in touch with the domestic coordinator (contact details below)

Is there an opportunity for Domestic players to move into District basketball?

Yes, many Domestic players have progressed into District sides as they have improved and an opportunity has become available. We would encourage players who move to District, as well as current District players, to continue to play Domestic at the same time.

What are the age groups for Summer 20/21 and Winter 2021?

Age grouping is in line with the District program based on year of birth (see below), however in the SJDL we are flexible depending on experience and ability, and will treat each player on a case-by-case basis where necessary.

U8s – 2014/2015
U10s – 2012/2013
U12s – 2010/2011
U14s – 2008/2009
U16s – 2006/2007
U18s – 2004/2005

What are the timing conditions for games?

Under 8s play 2 x 20 minute halves, Under 10s and up play 4 x 10 minute quarters. There is a running clock and there are one minute breaks during intervals.

Are games modified for very young players?

Yes. Our Under 8 games have several altered conditions – our coaches are allowed on the court with the players to help with direction and spacing; when making a violation, our referees explain to the player where they have gone wrong, and give them the ball back from the spot on the court the error was made. A follow-up mistake will result in possession to the other team. There is no full court defence.

What opportunities are there for girls to start playing?

Our Pink Devils girls program is the only one of its kind in the state. Starting at 1 team and evolving to as many as 11 in a season over the last couple of years, it is a great way to get involved in basketball with a friendly balance of fun and competitiveness.

How does my child get a uniform and playing number?

The domestic uniform can be purchased online, if your child is being placed into a team by Sturt they will likely use the domestic reversible. The turnaround time for the uniform is around 4-6 weeks. Duplicates of playing numbers are not critical in Domestic (as opposed to District where two players cannot play with the same number). We ask that you choose a number based on the following guidelines:

  • The player's birth day (e.g. #21 if they are born on the 21st)
  • The player's birth day + 31 (e.g. #52)
  • Any number between 63 and 99

How much does the uniform cost?

There are new reversible singlets are available through Sturt’s online store and our uniform suppliers Blackchrome, which are currently priced at around $45.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact the Sturt Junior Domestic League Coordinator if you need any more information.