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Junior Youth League Senior District Intent To Play

This is the Sturt District Player registration form for the 2018-19 season. 
Please only complete this form if: 

1. You are an existing Sturt District player (Junior, Youth League or Senior) and you wish to play in a Sturt District team again in 2018-19. 

2. You are a junior player (born 2002 or later) who did not play in a Sturt District team in the 2018 winter season, and you have been offered a spot to play in a Sturt District team in 2018-19. 

3. You are a Youth League or senior player (born 2001 or earlier) and you wish to register your interest in playing for a Sturt District Youth League or Senior team in 2018-19. If you are not offered a spot your Intent To Play fee of $50 will be refunded. If you are offered a spot and you refuse, your ITP fee will not be refunded. 

An Intent To Play payment of $50 is required to complete the registration process. If you refuse the place offered then this $50 will not be refunded.

NOTE: To complete this process you will need to pay online.

District Intent To Play 2018-19